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Children/Junior Examinations

Students are required to perform specific hand and foot techniques designated for each level.
In addition, higher level students must perform four-direction kicking combinations, forms, and step sparring.  
All students are required to perform self-defence and non-contact sparring.

Students are examined 2-3 times per season.  Hetlinger TaeKwon-do has a no fail policy.  All students will recieve at least
one stripe on their belt.  Students recieve a letter grade based on ability, age, and effort in class.  
Exams are an additional cost of $30 and we encourage family to attend.  
All stripes, belts and certification are included in the fee.

Adult Examinations

Adult Examinations require each practitioner to perform the five required 
components of the curriculum at their level. 

1) Forms/Four-Direction Kicks: Each student must perform all forms and four-direction kicks both at their 
level and their past levels.  Four Direction Kicking combinations must be perfored to both the left and right side.  
These enable the student to master the fundamental techniques at their level.

2) One Step Sparring: Students are asked to perform 4, 5, or 6, one step sparring techniques to both the left 
and right side.  These consist of cooperation between two Tae Kwon-Do practitioners in which one 
student attacks as the defender completes a series of techniques performed at their level.  
This is not to be confused with self-defence.  These series of moves merely demonstrate the skill, beauty and accuracy 
of Taekwon-Do.  Advanced students are also required to perform 1-5 optional techniques.

3) Self Defence: Students are asked to perform 4-6 self defence techniques to both the left and right side.  
Advances students are also required to perform 1-5 optional techniques.

4) Sparring:  Students of all ages are encouraged to participate in sparring against classmates.  
Contact levels depend on the rank and experience of each student.  
All Child and Junior Levels participate in no-contact sparring.  Beginning students also participate in no-contact sparring .  
Contact levels increase with belt levels, ending with Red-Belts participating in semi-contact sparring.

5) Fundamentals: Each student is required to learn a variety of techniques unique to their level.  
Foot and hand techniques gradually become more difficult as the student progresses.  
Students are examined specifically on their kicking techniques while hand techniques are assessed 
through the previously mentioned components.

All students are required to pay a testing fee which includes a belt or stripe, testing certification 
with Unified TaeKwon-Do International and use of other testing materials such as mats, boards, 
etc. Coloured belt examinations range in cost from $45.00 - $65.00, while Black-Belt Examinations
start at $195.00 plus expenses.


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