About Us

A proud member of Unified TaeKwon-Do International and serving the City of Wetaskiwin since 2002.

What we teach

We strive to provide traditional Korean TaeKwon-Do while implementing modern training techniques. We follow our organization’s curriculum which emphasizes five areas of training: Fundamental Techniques, Step Sparring,  Patterns, Self-Defense, and Sparring.

In addition, we offer tournament competition as an option to enhance the training experience.


What we assess

Students participating in our children’s program are examined as many as three times per training season, and receive stripes on their belt to reflect their knowledge and skill.
Practitioners enrolled in our adult program are assessed on all five areas of training, which also include board breaking for our advanced students. In this program, students examine at their own pace, progressing through all belts.

What we believe

We believe in providing quality martial arts at an affordable price.  While discipline and respect are adhered to in all our classes, our instructional philosophy believes this can be achieved through fun and encouragement.

We strongly promote our seven tenets: honour, discipline, humility, patience, charity, wisdom, and perseverance.

In an effort to encourage charity, Hetlinger TaeKwon-Do has used our annual tournament as an opportunity to raise thousands of dollars for the Stollery Children’s Hospital over the past many years.