COVID-19 Safety

We are committed to keep our students as safe as possible

1) All students, instructors, and guests will be required to wear a mask and sanitize their hands when in the facility. 
2) Students entering the facility (wearing a mask) will be asked to sanitize their hands and make their way to their assigned training space.  When the instructor begins class, students may remove their masks.  On occasion, students may be required to wear their mask while performing non-cardio related activities. 
3) Students will be assigned a training space that allows them to maintain 2 meters from other practitioners.  Because of this, class numbers will be limited. 
4) Students will be required to bring their own filled water bottle.  Sharing of bottles is prohibited.
5) We ask that students come changed in their uniforms.
6) At this time, spectators will not be permitted.  Because foyer space is limited, we ask that parents drop off/pick up their child outside the main doors of the facility, while maintaining social distancing.  An instructor will accompany students from the children/junior classes outside the facility for pick-up.
7) Testing of our practitioners will still be taking place.  However, we will assign different days for each cohort to test.  We will also invite immediate family to watch, and will set up an area that will allow for social distancing.  We ask spectators for these events wear masks.
8) There will be no refund for fees paid during this season, nor will missed classes be credited for the following reasons: a student is required to self-isolate, a cohort is required to self-isolate, an entire class is required to self-isolate, or the Government of Alberta no longer allows extra-curricular activities to operate.
9) The facility, and the equipment will be sanitized between each class, and between each use.
10) We require any individual who enters the facility to self screen using the Alberta Health Services guidelines which can be found at: Alberta Health Services